GEM 11″ Sander/Polisher (Hook-N-Loop Pad)


GEM’s Orbital Sander delivers a 100% oscillating hand motion. This heavy-duty sander runs at 1,730 orbits/min without creating swirl marks. The 18 lbs. of machine weight ensures an even and consistent finish. The 11” sanding head cuts labor by more than half! This orbital sander is considered an all-purpose Orbital Polisher recommended for polishing, compounding and most heavy-duty applications.

• Weight: 16 lbs.
• Overall Height: 10 in.
• Amps: 2.3 @ 110v
• RPM: 1650 @ 110v
• Motor: 110v/220v
• Housing: heavy-duty aluminum

GEM BW-HL 11″ Orbital Sander/Polisher

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